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  Winston arespecific healthful foods having an effect of promoting the selectivepropagation of lactic acid bacteria and of contributing to keeping the stomachand intestines in good condition
Winston has anintestine-controlling activity for decreasing the colon bacteria which areundesirable bacteria in the intestines and clostridium bacteria which areputrefaction fermentation bacteria in the intestines and on the contrary forincreasing bifid bacteria which are known as desirable bacteria in the intestines.
Winston promotesthe selective increase of the bifid bacteria which are desirable bacteria inthe intestines, and also causes the colon bacteria which are undesirablebacteria in the intestines to be decreased. The colon bacteria and theputrefaction fermentation bacteria in the intestines are known to producecarcinogenic substance which then are increased in the intestines, and thus tokeep good health over a long period it is important that the numbers of thecolon bacteria and the putrefaction fermentation bacteria are decreased in theintestine.
Grain fiberintake and resulting xylan intake were inversely associated with the risk oftype 2 diabetes; there were no adverse effects. The data indicate that highintake of xylans (as high as 13.8 g per day) is not only safe, but also offershealth benefits.
The Institute ofMedicine (IOM) recommends increased intakes of total fiber. Recommended intakesof total fiber are 25 g per day for adult women and 38 g per day for adult men.Unfortunately, Americans consume only one-half of the recommended intakes, anaverage of 5.9 g per day. Since XOS function as a prebiotic fiber,  its  intendeduse  may  be to  help Americans improve their fibers   intake.
Therefore, theproposed use of XOS is safe and effective within the terms of the Federal Food,Drug, and Cosmetic Act (meeting the standard of reasonable certainty of noharm). It is also Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by consensus amongexperts. In addition, it is the Expert Panel’s opinion that other qualified andcompetent scientists reviewing the same publicly available toxicological andsafety information would reach the same conclusion.

Unit 206-8449 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA V5X 3M3